Mrs. Reynold's Math

Mrs. Reynold's Math


 Welcome to 6th grade!  I hope everyone is excited about being an Aaron Cohn Bulldog! 

In 6th grade math, we will cover a wide variety of content, and I will interweave 7th grade standards in as well.  Here is the complete list of standards for 6th grade (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and 7th grade. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Even though we have a lot to learn this year, I am confident that every student will be successful.  I hope to provide students with an environment where they feel comfortable to ask questions and grow in their mathematical thinking without being afraid of making mistakes.  We will work individually, as a class, and in cooperative groups to deepen our thinking and understanding of math.  I will also provide you with resources to help at home as well.

Course Syllabus 

Math 6   (Periods 2,3 & 4)                              

Compacted 6/7   (Periods 1 & 5)



Review for GMA:  This site has a tutorial for every unit, filled with vocabulary, videos, explanations, sample problems, and printable practice.  This site has practice problems specific to each of the Georgia standards.  Students get about 20 mins free per day (per browser), or you can sign up for a free trial.  This site is particularly good for students who are aware of their areas of need.  It can be done in short increments of time.  So, if you have a busy spring break planned and your child won’t have hours in front of a screen, this is probably the best for them. This site lists the big concepts on the left, and when you click on one, you will get a practice lesson for each standard or small piece of a concept.  I like this site because it allows students to immediately see if they missed something, will show them the correct answer, and best of all….it will refresh with new data/numbers for a problem they missed so they can try a problem again or an entire page again.











































































Course Summary:

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