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Bowman's Website

Why I teach:

Every person is able to learn. Developing opportunities for someone to learn and grow is my favorite part of teaching. I love watching students grow both academically and behaviorally. Recognizing where a student is and where they want to be is the first step. After that the gaps need to be filled in one at a time. Students need to know that we have faith in them and we believe in them. They need to know that you are going to do what you said you would do. They need to know that you are unconditional. 

Bowman's Blurb:

August 26:

Thought of the week: Treat everyone the way Chick-Fil-A treats you. 

 What’s Happening:

House Shirts: Order forms for house shirts are coming home today. I have filled out the information regarding name, grade and teacher and circled the correct house. If you are ordering a shirt please circle the size and type of shirt. Return the form and the appropriate amount of money (cash only) with your child. If you have any questions please let me know.

Chromebooks: Tuesday, August 27 all of the students in our building will issued a Lenovo Chromebook. This is a piece of the puzzle for the individualized learning process Muscogee County School District is initiating. Students will bring home a permission form to utilize the devices. Please be sure to complete this form and return it as soon as possible, as your student will not be issued a device until the form is returned. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Signatures and Stars: Every day your child receives a schedule that doubles as a signature page. Each section of the schedule allows the student to earn 5 signatures. For most of the students this results in the chance to earn 95 signatures for engaging in appropriate behaviors. The expected behaviors are also pictured on the sheet. Students are able to visit the class store and purchase items based on the percentage of signatures earned. The stars on the sheets filled out at the end of the day are also based on the percentage of signatures earned. For example: 5 stars = 90% or higher, 4 stars = 80-89%, 3 stars = 70-70%, 2 stars = 60-69% and 1 star = 59% or below. The expected behaviors are: Keep hands and feet to yourself, Follow Directions, Raise your hand, Stay in your space, and Use school appropriate language. If you are a visual person, please feel free to check out the attached example.

 Notebooks: Communication is very important to me. It is my policy to send a daily communication to parents. This year, I am having the students help complete a portion of the communication so they have more awareness of how their behaviors effect their day. In order to do this, I need the students to have a notebook or folder with them each day. If you could please help them to remember to bring a notebook/folder each day (preferably the same one every day) that would be a great help. This is also a place where you can write notes to me.

Yearbooks: Yearbooks are now on sale online at Jostens, for $25.00 for a limited time.

Help Wanted:

  • We are good at this time.


Dates to Remember:

  • Tuesday, August 27 – Chromebook Roll Out date
  • Tuesday, August 27 – Friday, August 30 – House Shirt Orders


As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I am here to help.

August 19:

Thought of the week: Aaron Cohn Middle School has a house system. (Think Harry Potter) We have four houses. Each of the houses is named based on a characteristic of Judge Aaron Cohn, the namesake of our school. These houses are a community that the students and staff are all apart of instantly. The names of the house are Ignis, Bellator, Monticola, and Magnitudo. I will be offer more information about each house is later emails. I do not want to bombard you with all the information at once. Today, I will simply tell you who is in what house and some basic information.  






Mr. Williams and Wesley



Mrs. Bowman and J’twon



Ms. Hayes and A.J.






I will send information in the very near future regarding the purchase of house shirts. It’s always fun when we have a house day and everyone gets to see all the other members of their house in the same shirt.


What’s Happening:

Try outs: Try outs for football, cross country and volleyball are all happening this week. Football and cross country try outs begin today, with volleyball beginning tomorrow.


Fall Pictures: Students will have Fall pictures taken this week. There is no money needed at this time, a proof will be sent home. These pictures will be used for the yearbook. The schedule is as follows: 6th grade on Tuesday, August 20th, 7th grade on Wednesday, August 21st, 8th grade on Thursday, August 22nd.


School website: Aaron Cohn Middle School is a very active school. There is usually something going on that you may want to participate in. All this information and more is on the school website. Please check it out.


Help Wanted:

  • We are not in need of any items at this time.


Dates to Remember:

  • August 19 – 21: Football and cross country tryouts
  • August 20: Volleyball tryouts
  • August 20: 6th grade pictures
  • August 21: 7th grade pictures
  • August 22: 8th grade pictures


Thank you so much for your support. If there is anything that I can do to help or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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