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     Welcome to Fuerte's ELA class!  Thank you for being a willing learner with a positive attitude.  This is my 29th year teaching ELA and I still love it!  I have taught every grade from 6-12 and all levels of learners.  The classroom is my mission field and I am passionate about creating a learning environment that allows for all learners to learn every day.  That said, I believe in teaching tough love:  holding students accountable for their behavior and their learning, while maintaining an atmosphere that is conducive to learning at all times.

     It indeed does take a village to raise I child, and I believe it is the responsibility of the student, the parent, and the teacher to help nurture thinking and understanding of students.  It is important to establish thinking routines- pathways to understanding- enabling students to continually seek out connections to their learning, and I will work diligently to establish these routines.

    We will laugh, have fun, be in motion, but at all times- be respectful of those around us.  My goal is to create life long learners who are engaged in their learning experiences.  I want students to enjoy coming to class, but at the same time, learn.

     Below you will find links to different pages.  The lesson plans for each week- no matter the grade level- will be found by following the "First Nine Weeks Weekly Agendas" link.  The other links are simply supplemental information and then grade specific supplemental information.  


 4th Nine Weeks Weekly Agendas

Helpful Items You May Need or Want

Novels for Dystopian Lit

Writing Contests

 Mrs. Fuerte's 6th Grade ADV/GIFTED ELA

 Mrs. Fuerte's 7th Grade ADV/GIFTED ELA

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