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Week of March 9th:

Monday - QBA #3

Tuesday - Systems substitution

Wednesday - Systems substitution 

Thursday - Systems quiz

Friday - End of 9 weeks conferences, extra credit, IXL


Week of March 2nd:

Monday - Notes: How many solutions? IXL

Tuesday - Parallel and perpendicular lines

Wednesday - Versatile. Parallel, perpendicular, neither practice. IXL

Thursday - Notes: Elimination method of solving systems of equations

Friday - Practice elimination method. Extra credit. IXL


Week of February 24th: 

Monday - Notes: Graphing a line

Tuesday - Stained glass window

Wednesday - Do now quiz. Complete stained glass window

Thursday - Solving systems of equations by graphing. Person puzzle for practice

Friday - Finish up work from the week, IXL, extra credit


Week of February 18th:

Tuesday - Checking to see if ordered pairs are a solution

Wednesday - Notes solving for y. Practice

Thursday - Continue solving for y practice

Friday - Quiz. Graphing practice (with tables)


For Venn Diagram answers/to check your work, click the "homework" button above. Answers will be at the top of the page. Come to class tomorrow prepared to ask any questions you may have. 

*The practice test key is also located under the Venn Diagram answers in the "homework" section.


Week of February 10th: 

Monday - Turning Venn diagrams into two-way tables. Practice

Tuesday - Do now quiz, workbook practice pages

Wednesday - Unit 6 test

Thursday - Pass back tests, IXL, extra credit, catch-up day

Friday - STAR test


Week of February 3rd: 

Monday - Writing the equation for a line of best fit

Tuesday - Matching line of best fit to the equation

Wednesday - Quiz. Determining correlation with no graph

Thursday - Two-way tables and practice

Friday - Relative frequency and practice


Week of January 27th: 

Monday - Do now quiz. Piecewise function activity

Tuesday - Finish piecewise functions. IXL

Wednesday - Unit 6 test, part one

Thursday - Scatter plots notes part one. IXL

Friday - Scatter plots notes part two.  IXL


Week of January 21st: 

Tuesday - Speed and time graph notes

GCSE Maths - Distance Time Graphs - Basic Introduction for Foundation GCSE (Some Higher)

Wednesday - Powerpoint: graphs that match verbal situations

Thursday - Calculating rate of change and intervals notes

Average Rate of Change of a Function Over an Interval

Friday - Crosswalks practice


Week of January 13th:

Monday – continuous versus discrete functions notes

Discrete vs Continuous Functions

Tuesday – distance-time graphs

Distance Time Graphs | Geometry | Maths | FuseSchool

Wednesday – FAL lesson over distance-time graphs

Thursday – complete FAL lesson over distance-time graphs

Friday – graphing stories practice

GCSE Maths - Distance Time Graphs - Basic Introduction for Foundation GCSE (Some Higher)


Week of January 8th: 

Wednesday - Constructed Response practice. Interpreting slopes and intercepts

Thursday - Go over constructed responses from yesterday. QBA 2 constructed response.

Friday - Using real world tables and graphs. IXL.


Week of December 16th:

Monday - Complete linear equations matching activity in groups

Tuesday - Unit 4/5 test

Wednesday - Review for QBA 2

Thursday - QBA 2

Friday - 2nd nine week individual conferences


Week of December 9th:

Monday - Y=mx + b notes, write linear equations given a graph

Tuesday - Do now quiz, finish Versatile, IXL/extra credit

Wednesday - Write linear equations given two points

Thursday - Write linear equations given a table

Friday - Linear equations matching activity


Week of December 2nd: 

Monday - Introduce slope 

Slope Dude

Tuesday - Finding slope when given a graph, notes

Given a Graph, Find the Slope.

Wednesday - Finding slope when given two points, notes

How to find the slope between two points

Thursday - Finding slope when given a table, notes

Finding Slope From a Table

Friday - Slope quiz, IXL, complete activities from week


Week of November 18th: 

Monday - Proportions review

Tuesday - More proportional reasoning. Word problems

Wednesday - Proportional reasoning. Unit rate

Thursday - Direct variation/constant of proportionality

Friday - Proportional relationships quiz, IXL, extra credit


Week of November 12th: 

Tuesday - Relations notes and foldable

Wednesday - Identifying functions, domain and range notes and practice

Thursday - Function practice and activity

Friday - Functions quiz, IXL, extra credit


Week of November 4th:

Monday - Do now quiz. IXL for practice of unit 3

Tuesday - Pythagorean Theorem word problems

Wednesday - Pythagorean Theorem word problems

Thursday - Unit 3 test

Friday - Extra credit, IXL, finish up remaining work from unit 3


Week of October 28th: 

Monday - Wrap up Pythagorean Theorem practice. IXL

Tuesday - Pythagorean triples

Wednesday - Pythagorean Theorem quiz

Thursday - Halloween activity

Friday - Introduce distance between points


Week of October 21st: 

Monday - Do now quiz. Volume practice 

Cylinder, Cone, and Sphere Volume

Tuesday - Volume quiz

Wednesday - Introduction to Pythagorean Theorem

Thursday - Pythagorean Theorem notes and practice

Math Antics - The Pythagorean Theorem

Friday - Pythagorean Theorem practice and Versatile sheet

Pythagorean Theorem | #aumsum


Week of October 14th:

Monday - Teacher planning day -- no school for students

Tuesday - Review packet

Wednesday - Introduction to volume

Thursday - Volume practice/review game. More volume review

Friday - Solving for missing dimension


Week of October 7th: 

Monday - Review for QBA 1

Tuesday - QBA 1. IXL when finished

Wednesday - Error analysis and equation word problems

Thursday - Error analysis and equation word problems

Friday - 20 minutes of IXL diagnostic. 30 minutes of regular IXL learning


Week of September 30th:

Monday - Multi-step equation examples/practice

Tuesday - One solution, no solution, infinite solutions notes and practice

Wednesday - How Many Solutions? practice activity

Thursday - Do now quiz #4. Who Killed Mr. X? equations practice activity

Friday - Unit 2 test


Week of September 23rd:

Monday - Estimating square roots.

Tuesday - Rational and irrational numbers.

Wednesday - Practice rational and irrational numbers.

Thursday - Review estimating square roots.

Friday - Introduction to cube roots and practice.


Week of September 16th: 

Monday - Operations with scientific notation - multiplying and dividing

Scientific Notation - Multiplying and Dividing

Tuesday - Operations with scientific notation - adding and subtracting

Scientific Notation - Addition and Subtraction

Wednesday - Practice operations with scientific notation - all operations

Scientific Notation - Adding and Subtracting

3.8 - Operations with Scientific Notation

Thursday - Do now quiz #3. More scientific notation review - IXL

Friday - Scientific notation quiz. Perfect square notes


Week of September 9th: 

Monday - Properties of Exponents guided notes and practice

Algebra Basics: Laws Of Exponents - Math Antics

Tuesday - Exponent cut and paste. Exponent riddle sheet (if time permits)

Wednesday - Catch up day and IXL review

Thursday - Exponent quiz. Introduce scientific notation

Math Antics - Scientific Notation

Friday - Scientific notation puzzles


Week of September 3rd:

Tuesday - STAR test and IXL review day

Wednesday - Exponent expressions/review of exponents

Thursday - Do now quiz. More exponents practice

Friday - Properties of exponents (including negative and zero power)


Week of August 26th: 

Monday - Transversals - mini book and Smart Lesson

Tuesday - Angle relationships

Wednesday - Triangle notes foldable. What's my angle? practice and a-x worksheet

Thursday - Practice from all week. Finish any work and review.

Friday - Unit 1 test, part 2


Week of August 19th:

Monday - Scale factor and dilations (if time permits)

Tuesday - Dilations foldable, notes and practice

Wednesday - Finish any work from previous days/review day

Thursday - IXL practice day in the lab

Friday - Transformations TEST


Week of August 12th: 

Monday - Begin transformations - Smart lesson and translations foldable

Tuesday - Translations notes

Wednesday - Reflection notes

Thursday - Rotation notes

Friday - Finish up anything needed from the week. Review of congruent figures.


Week of August 8th: 

Thursday - Introductions and review syllabus

Friday - Congruent shapes and Versatile practice


August 8th, 2019

Hello, and welcome to my classroom page. My name is Caitlin Whiten, and this is my third year teaching at Aaron Cohn. I feel extremely blessed to work at a school with such wonderful students, parents, faculty, and staff, and I look forward to strengthening these relationships as my time here continues.

I am passionate about teaching; I love working with students and watching them grow daily. I truly believe that every child wants to learn. It is up to teachers, parents and the surrounding community to help children learn and grow, both as individuals and as whole groups. Human beings are products of their environment and therefore, respond to the influences around them daily. These influences can be both positive and negative, but either of the two can alter the course of a child's life. I believe in "tough love." Children must be challenged daily to learn and grow to become better students, but must also be held accountable for their actions in order to become better citizens. My goal is for my classroom to be a safe place in which students can be comfortable celebrating their successes but also an environment in which we can work together to persevere through the bumps in the road that will occur.

I firmly believe that one of the most important aspects of a parent/guardian-teacher relationship is communication. If there are ever any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We will have many wonderful experiences and opportunities to learn and grow in the days ahead. My ultimate goal is to help your child grow to reach his or her fullest potential both in and out of the classroom. Again, please feel free to contact me if I can be of service to you and your child. If you need any information about the school, the school website is also a valuable resource.

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