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In 8th grade, all students are enrolled in Georgia Studies, where they will learn the geography, history, government structure, and economic issues in their state.  Our classroom rules will be built upon the ACMS values of integrity, honesty, fairness, respect, kindness, and cooperation.  With these principles in place, I feel students can learn in a positive, upbeat environment.  


Our teacher pages are your first stop for current information and resources for our classroom.  I will update this site weekly to keep parents and students informed and to include helpful review links. 

Our classroom supplies are:

  • 2 inch binder
  • loose leaf paper
  • colored pencils & scissors
  • personal handheld sharpener
  • regular pens/pencils
  • handheld sharpener for colored pencils (they cannot go in the sharpener)


Your student's daily work can be found in their "Google Classroom."  Students can log on through their MCSD "Clever" account to access our assignments by day.  This includes links to videos, presentations, and a daily log of our activities.  PLease remember that students must be logged into their MCSD account to access these sites.

2d Period:

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Helpful links

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Georgia Standards for Georgia StudiesLink

TeacherNotes by standardLink

Achieve 3000 tracking sheetsAchieve3000 Track Your Activity Score.pdf




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