Course Syllabus

Social Studies Fair Resources



1. Download the Muscogee County Social Studies Handbook.  Become familiar with the contents.  This is your "go-to" when you have a question.  

Secondary Social Studies Fair Handbook 2018-2019 (1)

**page 16-project checklist (print this and use it as a guide)

**pages 17-18-judges scoring sheet (review this before submitting your project)


2.  Print this schedule for due dates. 

ACMS Social Studies Fair Project Due Dates & Help Dates-clink the link below

Social Studies Fair 2019-20 Dates.docx




Refer to  pages 4-6 of the Muscogee County Social Studies Handbook. 

Develop a research question.

Determine into which category your research question can be entered.  This information is on page 4-6 with detailed descriptions.


Quick List of Project Categories

  • Anthropology
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Sociology/Social Psychology






Bib/Source Card VideoLink


Examples of Bib Cards

Bib Cards


Resources on how to properly complete your MLA bibliography & citations

Easy Bib Link

Purdue OwlLink


REMEMBER!  SOURCE cards are not the same as notecards.  Your child may have a different number of sources than a child working on another project.  The notecards will each contain bits of relevant info from each source.  You may have a large number of notecards from one source card.  

Children are required to have at least three  sources total for the entirety of the project.  


CREATE AN OUTLINE:  This is a step for YOU.  It will not be graded.

Organize your notes for your paper

Creating outlines

Research Process & Outline Link

Outlines Link



PAPER TEMPLATE:  You must use this template for rough and final drafts.

Social Studies Fair Research Paper Template (1).docx




TRIBOARD REQUIREMENTS:  Triboards must follow all guidelines for content and size.  

Use the handbook:

See page 2, #2 for dimensions

See page 2, #7 for required info on the board

Triboard Tips Link

Examples of Triboards Link


POWERPOINT INFORMATIONAL:  A quick referene PPT describing each phase of the project

Judges Informational PowerPoint for District SS Fair 2020 (1).pptx






Course Summary:

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