Course Syllabus

Science Fair 2022-2023

Mr. White - Science Fair Coordinator   

ACMS Science Fair is scheduled to begin  Monday, Dec. 09, 2022  

 (Projects will be judged throughout the week and winners will be announced on Friday, Dec 16, 2022.)

REGIONAL Science Fair -  TBD:  Science Fair projects that place in the top ten at  the school level of competition may be selected proceed to the  regional level.  The regional fair takes place in late January.    

Who is Required to Participate?   

Participation in the ACMS Science Fair is required for students in Mr. White's gifted and accelerated classes.  

8th Grade gifted and accelerated students may choose between science and social studies fairs, but must participate in one. 

Any other students who wish to participate may take the initiative and do so!  


Science Fair PowerPoint Presentation  

This PPT will walk you through every step of the project.  Follow it slide by slide and you will get there! 

Georgia Science and Engineering Fair Official Page  - this page is the link to all information on requirements for the 2021-2022 Science fairs.  

ISEF Rules and Guidelines- these are the rules followed by middle and high schools, regional fairs, and the state science fair.  

Checklist/Judges Scoring Sheet  


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4 Checkpoints 

(These are graded and will included in the student's science average)


Checkpoint 1: Due September 20th

Preliminary Proposal Form - This form is completed and submitted to Mrs. Holloway or Mr. Fuller for comments and suggestions.  You will use it to help complete the official forms, research plan, and to set up your experiment.  It is important to review all teacher comments and to consider implementing them.  Doing so will improve you final project grade. 


Checkpoint 2: Due October 01st 

Research Plan and Form Submissions- Forms to be submitted are linked on the Forms page of the Science Fair Module.   (The research plan is NOT a research paper.  It IS a description of the project you plan to complete. Instruction for completing it are on the back of form 1A .) 


Checkpoint 3:  Due November 12th

The Abstract -  After experimenting you write a summary of your project, its results, and your conclusion.   


Checkpoint 4: Due December 1st 

Triboard and Presentation  - All forms must be correct.  Appearance and inclusion of required aspects on triboard (graphs, results, conclusion, etc.). See checklist for more detail.  


Each student will also be graded on Experimentation (Was the scientific method followed?  Did the experiment include all the proper steps and parts?)  See checklist for further information.  



Official Information and Forms:  

Forms for All Participants to be Completed Prior to Experimentation

Forms (below) must be

1. Filled in digitally on the forms provided.

2. Completed by typing appropriate information.

3. Placed in a 3 pronged folder or 1/2 inch binder (I prefer you use sheet protectors.)

4. Set aside in a safe place until the Science Fair. (see timeline)

They should be placed in sheet protectors and into a notebook or heavy duty folder and placed with the tri-board on the day of the Aaron Cohn Science Fair.  


1.   Form 1:  Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1)


(Must be dated and signed before any experimentation begins! Projects that show a date after experimentation has started will be excluded from advancing to the regional fair!)

2.   Form 1A: Student Checklist (1A)


Helps you stay on track

3.  Research Plan


This is not a research paper! A research plan must be prepared according to the directions on student checklist for 1A!  Students complete this and turn it in prior to beginning experimentation.  Don't discard it! It will be needed again when you turn in your project.    

4.  Form 1B: Approval Form (1B)


5.  Form 1 C: Risk Assessment Form (3)



Extra Forms that may be required prior to experimentation:

Qualified Scientist Form - Required for Vertebrates, Humans, and Biological Agents

Vertebrate Animal Form

Human Participant Form

Human Participant Consent Form

Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents (Includes use of soil)  

Continuation Research Progression Projects Form 





























































































































































































































Course Summary:

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