Course Syllabus

6th Grade Earth Science

Mr. Ingram’s Parent/Student Letter 

Dear Parents and Students,

     Welcome to Blackmon Road Middle School. I look forward to working with you all. The following is a quick reference to frequently asked questions:

What will we do in Earth Science?

    We will work on the 6th Grade Georgia Standards of Excellence Standards. These standards can be found on the Georgia Department of Education web site. Our year will begin with Practices. These are skills that we will use all year long. Then we start our study of the physical planet Earth or Geology. We investigate the Earth's structure, minerals, rocks and Plate Tectonics.  From there we move into the water on Earth or Hydrology. We study fresh water that we need to live and salt water that covers most of the Earth. The water affects the weather and climate. So, from the water we move into the air and study weather and climate under the umbrella of Meteorology. Finally, we end our year with Astronomy as we look at planet Earth in our solar system, galaxy and universe. 

What do I need for my Earth Science Class?

      CoVid19 has changed what is normally asked for in class supplies. At home students need a comfortable chair in a quiet place that they can work and not be disturbed.  To insure that students are able to focus on their work, we ask that they be dressed for school. Cell phones need to be off and put up.  If students return to school, we need to consider safety. The fewer things that are shared, the less likely there will be transmission of the virus. Students need a mask, a binder with paper, a pencil,  a pencil sharpener that will hold pencil shavings, a ruler that has metric measurements (most have both customary and metric), color pencils, scissors, a glue stick, and their own facial tissues. We ask for donations of paper towels, liquid hand soap,  and bleach wipes. Thanks to everyone for your support through all of this. 

How do you grade?

      I follow the Muscogee County School District’s grading policy and other legal agreements for specific students.        90-100 = A     80-89 = B     70-79 = C

Blackmon’s weighted grading scale is as follows:W

Summative Assignments = 65%  These are things like tests, quizzes, project grades etc.

Formative Assignments = 35 % These are things like daily assignments or what I call practice.

There are opportunities for students to earn extra points with assignments during the grading period. However, there is no extra credit offered at the end of a grading period.

Is there homework?

     Students will be given assignments according to the progression of our studies. Usually, students will be given a Daily Study Guide each day.  Answers on the Daily Study Guides are reviewed. Students need to read over and study the Daily Study Guides. Quiz questions are embedded withing the Daily Study Guides.  If a student is out, he/she can go on the Blackmon Homework site and keep up. Students and Parents need to know the student GTID number. It is used to get into this site and the computers at school. On the homework site students and parents can find work for each of their classes.  In science the information can be found on the left side under modules. 

What is the seating arrangement?

     Students are usually allowed to move when they can’t see something, group work, or activities. Mr. Ingram decides the seating arrangement.

How can students and parents communicate with you?

In person: If a parent needs a conference, please call Ms. Dunn 706 565 2998 to schedule it.

By telephone: Call 706 565 2998 Leave your name, student’s name, a number and time in which to reach you.

Email: (The most effective way to reach me is Email.)

Canvas Announcements

Please note that I can only respond as time permits. When my students are before me, they have priority.

What do we do in case of an emergency?

Tornado: Go in the hall, get on your knees facing the wall, put your head down and remain silent

Fire: Calmly go out of the nearest exit with your teacher or attending adult.

Lockdown: Get into a class, be silent, lock the door, cover the window, and wait for clearance to resume the normal routine.

Bathroom: There will be scheduled bathroom breaks and all other bathroom needs are to be done on an emergency basis only. Parents, please discuss with your child what you consider to be a bathroom emergency.

     I hope that I have provided a quick reference to some of the questions that you might have had. Again, I look forward to working with you all.