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Virtual PE and Health Requirements

  • All students are expected to login to Canvas daily for their PE/Health class
  • Students will Zoom with their teacher for attendance, instruction and required activities.
  • Lessons will consist of:
    • Attendance
    • Health Lesson
    • Warm Up Exercises
    • Physical Workout
    • Independent Class Work/Canvas Submission



Virtual PE and Health Procedures

  • Students will:
  • Login to Canvas at the designated time for PE class
  • Click on “Attendance Zoom” Link with his/her PE teacher for attendance and announcements
  • After “Attendance Zoom” all students will clink on “PE Class Zoom” for Health and Physical Lesson and Instructions

Virtual PE and Health Grades

  • Grades will be determined based on workouts and Canvas assignment submissions
  • Total points per day equal 20. 10 points for Health assignments and 10 points for workouts. 
  • If a student is absent, the health assignment should be submitted as soon as student is able to return


In order to experience success virtual, students must dress appropriately daily. Students should be dressed for activity prior to logging in for class.   The proper attire for PE is as follows: comfortable loose fitting shorts, a comfortable loose fitting T-shirt, socks, and athletic shoes.

Please note that students who are ill or injured are required to have a parent or doctor’s note to be excused from physical participation. The student’s PE teacher will need to be notified by email about injury or illness.  Extra health work will be assigned until student is able to perform physical activity. 


We consider it a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with your child and are looking forward to a very rewarding virtual physical education and health class experience for all.

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