Richard Green

Richard Green


     Larry Woods, 6th grade Social Studies teacher, had an accident recently that has him hospitalized.  The length of his time away from school is a fluid situation.  As Mr. Woods is rehabilitating we have lined up regular subs to carry the delivery of the lessons for this span of time.   Additionally, Mr. Woods co-teaches two periods with Mr. Branch and he will take the lead in those classes.   Our other 6th grade Social Studies teacher, Ms. Whittaker, will continue the lesson planning for all 6th grade students during this time.   Hopefully with all of these people working together we can provide  stability until he returns.

     Mr. Woods also serves as the sponsor of our National History Day (NHD) Club.  The students are set to go to competition on March 13 at Georgia Southwestern.  An awesome friend of our school, veteran retired teacher Sue Funk, has agreed to help us as much as she can to get the students to that target date.  As far as point of contact I will be that person until further notice.  Ms. Maness and Ms. Cudd will be assisting as well so we feel we have sufficient coverage to get us through the next three weeks.

     As you can see this is going to be difficult, yet manageable if we all work together.  If you have any questions about what is occurring in Mr. Woods classes or NHD club please contact me at 706-569-3801 or email me at  Additionally, if you want to drop Mr. Woods a line feel free to email him at  He would love the interaction but please be patient with the response time.


Our events for the week are:




- Drama Club 4pm

- STEM Club 4pm


- Black History Month Assembly 9am

- Math Team Practice 4pm


- Jr. Tome 7:40

- Robotics Club 4pm

- Track @ Kinnett 5pm




- Math Tournament @ St. Luke 8:30


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