Course Syllabus

Personal Fitness Letter from Coach McInroy/Coach Watkins

Content: Personal Fitness is designed to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to self-assess, create, conduct, evaluate, and redesign personal fitness programs. Student participation, Fitness labs, Fitness test, Classroom participation, lecture notes, daily work, quizzes and test based on the Fitness for Life

This class is required of all students and there are no substitutions, including participation in athletics. Fitness for Life may be taken anytime during grades nine through twelve, but it is strongly recommended that students take the class in either the ninth or tenth grade year. The course is a combination of classroom and activity-based learning activities with a focus on proper nutrition and the mastery of skills and concepts necessary for students to become accomplished monitors of their personal lifetime fitness. Through participation, students learn to compare the fitness benefits in a variety of individual and team activities.


1 or 11/2 Inch binder for Fitness class only. Lined paper for notes. Come prepared for class!

2. Pencils & pens, highlighters, colored pencils, and a ruler

3. Dress out clothes and proper tennis shoes for gym

4. PE locker is a must: You may bring your clothes to the gym after the first bell.

Grading Policy: 50% Summative and 50% Formative

Your grade is determined Unit test, quizzes, Final exam/ Slo’s test and Projects. Test can be multiple choice, True/false, essay, definitions, fill in the blank.

Classwork, Class participation, Fitness labs, Daily assignments, Raider Rev, Raider Wrap and projects. When we are in the classroom you need to enter the room ready to work. Make sure you have your notebooks and all materials listed above. The raider Rev and Raider wrap are the intro and ticket out the door for class. Begin each day preparing your answer for the questions. Cooperate in group activities, be an active listener and participate in lectures.

Fitness activities, stretching, skills testing, daily participation in units, Fitness test are formative grades. However, a skills test in a unit can be considered a summative grade. You need to pay attention to skill ques and practice proper form when taking these test.


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