Biology 1 2nd Period

Biology 1 2nd Period

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Rad Mitchell, Ed.S.

2017-2018 School Year

Shaw High School                                                              


Parents and Students,

Welcome to Shaw High School and Biology.   Please feel free to contact us at (706)569-3638 if you have any questions.  Biology is a lab based class.  We will explore topics such as cellular structure and functions, genetics, evolution, classification, and ecology.



  • 1 or 1 ½ inch 3-ring binder for science class only.
  • Pens & pencils, highlighters, colored pencils, paper, and ruler
  • Good attitude and hard work ethic


Grading Policy

  • Your grade will be determined using the following formula.

Formative Assignments – 50%

Summative Assignments – 50%

  • LATE WORK will be accepted
  • Students will have five days to make up work from excused absences.
  • This course is fast-paced and students will need to stay on top of their work in order to be prepared for class each day. However we are a team and will work as one.
  • The state of Georgia requires you to take an End-of-course test in Biology. This test will count 20% of your final semester average.  Study guides are available on the Georgia DOE website and USA test prep site.


Parent Information


You may also contact us by email if you have any questions or would like an update on your student.  Email is the most efficient way for us to communicate with you.

Mr. Mitchell


Student Behavior Expectations

  1. Be in your assigned seat and ready for class when the bell rings.
  2. Bring your book, notebook, paper, pen/pencil and homework to class everyday.  (Lost or damaged textbooks -- $96.00)
  3. Show respect for your teacher and your peers.  Pay attention to and follow the instructions given by the instructor and participate in class activities.
  4. Follow instructions and safety rules in the lab.
  5. Follow the policies set forth in the Code of Conduct handbook established by MCSD and Shaw High School.
  • Detention will be assigned for inappropriate behavior. (3:30-4:00). When students are assigned detention, they are expected to make arrangements to stay the following day. If pick-up is a problem, students should avoid behaviors that would cause them to receive detention.


AFTER SCHOOL HELP:  After school help will be on a case by case basis. Please have your child bring any issues to me and we will work them out as a team.



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