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                       RAINES’ RULES FOR SUCCESS                       


Dear Parents and Students,


Welcome back to school students.  I hope that you had a relaxing summer and are eager to come back to school ready to work hard.  In our math class, there are certain requirements that will enable you to be very successful this year.  The requirements are as follows:


  1. Bring a PENCIL to class. In math, sometimes we need to erase work and change answers.  This helps eliminate confusion when it comes to checking the answer.
  2. Always bring your math textbook, unless otherwise informed.
  3. Always bring your math notebook. If possible, I would like for you to have a 3-ring binder with pockets. 


Your grade in math will depend solely upon you.  Expect homework  at least 2 nights a week  (not on Wednesdays or weekends)!  There will only be a few problems and I do expect you to do them.  Starting at the beginning of each nine weeks, you will be given a 100 for a homework grade that will be averaged in with your other grades.  Each time you do not do your homework, 10 points will be taken away from that 100.  It is up to you as to what your homework grade is.  I very rarely give extra credit.  However, you do have chances to win extra points that you may apply to any grade in the book.  I have a “chance box” that I draw names out of to win prizes.  The prizes consist of markers, stickers, pens, extra points, free homework passes, etc.  To earn a chance for your name to be put into the box, you have to make an 80% or better on a test or graded assignment.  As a matter of fact, if you bring this letter back to me signed by your parent(s) or guardian, you will be given 10 extra points to start your new year off.


Grades:  Your grade will be based on participation, daily work/practice, investigations, quizzes, and tests.



 I try to provide you with many opportunities to participate in fun activities in math that we can all enjoy.  What better way to learn than to have fun doing it?   In order to participate in these “fun activities,” you have to know your basic skills such as multiplying, dividing, adding, and subtracting.  If you are having problems in any of these areas, remember that “practice makes perfect.” 


I am very excited about this new school year, and am looking forward to working with you.  Keep in mind, this is not only my math class or your math class, it is OUR math class.  When people work together as a team they can accomplish anything.  I once heard a saying that I frequently remind my students of:  “YOU MUST BELIEVE TO ACHIEVE.”  If you believe in yourself and always try your best, you can do anything.



Your 7th grade math teacher,


Mrs. J. Raines



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