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Achieve 3000 link:

 You will find homework and major deadlines listed by date on this page.

New Achieve Requirement

All articles must be completed at school.  Students will be receiving a rubric today for how the articles will be graded.  This is a school wide policy.  Students must make a 75 or higher on the first attempt for the multiple choice questions on all three articles to receive a 100 for their grade.

May 15th

S'more/Game Day  

May 14th

Your class still needs small marshmallows and graham crackers.

Remember to bring your own chocolate to make S'mores.

Also, bring board games for game day.


May 10th

SGM over all topics covered this year.  This is a mandated district wide test.

May 1st

Students will need their final draft for the energy sources debate.  We have the debate during class today! 


April 23rd

Quiz over comets, asteroids and meteoroids.

April 17th

Notes over comets, asteroids, meteoroids

comets_meteor_asteroid notes.pptx

April 13th

Test over gravity, inertia and planets.

April 12th

Quizlet Link

April 10th

Planet Travel Brochures are due.

April 9th

Students were allowed to take their planet brochures home to finish them.  They are due tomorrow.  They have had three class days to work on them.

 Planet Travel Agency Brochure.docx

April 5th

Power point for planets, gravity and inertia

planets powerpoint.pptx

March 23rd

Test over guided reading notes.  (heliocentric, geocentric, big bang etc.)

guided notes models of the solar sytem postion in the universe.doc

March 19th

Guided reading note sheet is due.  It was classwork after the test on Friday.

March 19th

Guided reading note sheet is due.  It was classwork after the test on Friday.


March 16th

Test over climate and reading weather maps.  It was moved due to walk out schedule and only lab day already being set for Thursday!

March 15th  

Achieve 3000 day and test review

March 12th

answer key for questions- This will help you study.

guiding questions weather predictions and climate answers.docx

February 28th

Weather test 

February 26th

Storms notes

storm notes.pdf

February 23rd

Answers to guided notes sheet

guided notes answers.pdf

February 21st

Guided note sheets are due tomorrow.  Students had the entire class period to work on them today.  They may finish them for homework.

Guided notes sheet.DOC

February 20th

Test over Wind

February 16th


February 15th

Power point

wind_movement (2).pptx

Filled in notes.

filled in student notes.pdf

February 12th

Quiz over layers of the atmosphere and basic atmosphere facts.  All notes were taken from pages 393 and 403 to 407.  We did not do power point notes this time.  Students created a foldable based on these pages.  Please have them study from the book in addition to the notes they created.

February 5th

Unit test over Oceans.  This will include the tide information from this week.  This includes all material covered in January.  

Students are expected to complete one assigned Achieve article during class today.  They must show me their score upon completion of the article.  We will return to the computer lab to do additional articles later this month.  

Link for NASA Layers of the Atmosphere

January 29th

Tides power point

tides (1).pptx

January 26th

Test over waves and ocean currents.

January 22nd

Below is a link to the power point notes for this section and the student note taking guide that we have been filling out in class.  We will finish filling this out tomorrow.

waves_currents (1).pptx

Waves and Currents student notes.docx

January 12th

Test over this weeks notes.  This covers ocean topography, composition and location.  Be sure you are able to label the features of the ocean floor as well as the oceans and continents.

January 10th

Ocean topography sheets are due.

January 9th

***Students need to finish the definition clue sheet for ocean topography that we began in class today.  They are due tomorrow.

Power point for notes over oceans and link for copy of the student notes filled in.

oceans composition, landforms and location.pptx

student notes.pdf

December 15th

District required unit test over all the material that we have covered this year.

December 12th

Quiz over water distribution and water cycle.

December 8th

Link for copy of student version of the notes for Tuesday's test.

copy of student notes.pdf

December 7th

Water Cycle Vocabulary

water cycle vocabulary.pdf

December 6th

Water Cycle Power point

 water_cycle_atomospheric_conditions power point.pptx

December 4th

Power point for water distribution

location_water power point.pptx

November 30th

Test over seasons, equinox and solstice.

November 27th

Below is the power point used in class today.  We will finish them tomorrow.  This is not homework.

seasons (1).pptx

November 15th

Test over Moon phases and eclipses.

November 13th

Quizlet over eclipses

Quizlet Moon Phases 


November 9th

Power point notes for moon phases and eclipses

sun_earth_moon_alignment (2).pptx


November 8th

Field trip to Coca Cola Space Science Center

October 31st

We will have a test over weathering, erosion and deposition today.

Achieve articles are due.

October 30th

Link for review game Kahoot 

October 26th

Below is a copy of the field trip permission form that will be sent home today.  Please send it back by Wednesday, November 1st.

fiels trip permission November 8th.docx

October 25th

We have begun taking notes over erosion and deposition.  Below are the links for the note taking sheet that has already been given out in class as well as the power point.  Please do not have your student fill this in tonight.  WE WILL FINISH THIS IN CLASS TOMORROW.

Guided notes.docx

erosion notes.pptx

October 23rd

Your test over chapter six is today.

October 18th

The study guide for chapter 6 is due today.  It was given out in class on October 12th.  Below is a link in case they have lost it.

study guide for weathering and soil.pdf

October 13th

Begin achieve articles in class. 

Hawaii is losing it's beaches

Earthquake in Japan

To Warn the People

Volcano Rumbles

October 11th

You have a test over rocks and minerals.

October 3rd and 4th

Rock Flyers

Igneous Rocks (pgs.  58-61)

1.  Explain how igneous rocks form.

2.  Explain the origin, texture and mineral composition of igneous rocks.

3.  Explain four uses of igneous rock.

Sedimentary Rocks (pgs.  62-66)

1. Explain how sedimentary rocks form.  Be sure to include and explain erosion, deposition, compaction and cementation.
2. Explain and give at least one example of each major group of sedimentary rocks.
(Clastic rock, Organic Rock and Chemical Rock)
3. List at least three uses of sedimentary rock.

Metamorphic Rock (pgs. 67-69)

  1. Explain how metamorphic rock forms.
  2. Explain how metamorphic rocks are classified.  You need to include foliated and nonfoliated.
  3. List five uses of metamorphic rock.

September 29th

Link for the virtual lab.


September 28th

The chapter two study guide is due.

Link for the study guide.  It was given out in class on the 26th.


September 26th

Test over plate boundaries and volcanoes

September 25th

Link to filled in student note sheet.

copy of filled in note sheet plate tectonics.pdf

Matching game set for review

matching game to review for plate tectonics.pdf

September 22nd

Power point for notes over plate boundaries and volcanoes  

phase two.pptx


September 15th

I have assigned the following articles for the students:  Why is Denver a mile high?

Hawaii’s Fire Show and A force of Nature

Students must complete through the thought question for each one of the above listed articles.  The thought question must be answered in complete sentences.  These are due by September 30th. They are being given the class period today to work on them at school.  Anything that they do not finish is homework.

September 14th

Quiz over continental drift and plate tectonics.

September 8th

Below is the link for the power point we used in class.  The quiz over this is on September 12th.

Power point phase one.pptx

September 1st

Quiz over layers of the Earth

August 31st

Achieve 3000 articles are due today.  We will have a guest speaker, Mrs. Wright, from guidance.

August 30th

Below is a link for a Kahoot review game to help get ready for the test. 

August 24th

Below is a link to the power point notes that we are using in class.


August 21st

SGM pretest is today.  This is NOT for a grade.  It is the content pretest for the year.

 August 18th

Scientific Method and Safety Rules Test

August 17th

The SGM was scheduled for today, due to technical difficulties with the program, the test had to be moved to Monday, August 21st.

We started our Achieve 3000 articles for the month of August instead.  Students had the entire period to work on these articles.  Three of them are due August 31st.  They will need to finish any they do not finish in class today for homework.

This is the link to get to Achieve 3000.

The logon is their GTID number and the password is initpass.  Please make sure they pick Science from the drop down list.  It is important that they complete these activities without help because the program helps improve their Lexile levels.  It will increase the difficulty of future assignments based on their performance.


August 14th

Link for scientific method power point.

Scientific Method [Autosaved].pptx

August 9th

Below is a link for the lab safety rules.

safety rules.pptx

August 7th

Below are links for the syllabus and solar eclipse permission slip form.

Syllabus 3rd block.doc

Solar Eclipse Permission Form.docx

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