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Welcome to life science!   

Click on announcements for information on what is done in class each day, homework, and upcoming tests!  Students that are absent can find out what they missed.  Students can also get any smart starts that they missed off of the daily announcements.  Parents- this is a great way for you to know what is going on when you ask "what did you do in school today?" It is much better than the famous response of "nothin."  It will also let you know what they may have to finish up for homework or what topic to study for.

Click on pages to go to the current unit we are studying.  Just click on the picture icon of the current unit and it will take you to resources for that unit.  I will post notes once we have gone over them as well as study tools.  Please have your student use the flashcards for each unit.  It links to a quizlet site that we enter our test questions into so students can study.  This can be done on a computer or the app can be downloaded to a phone.  They can study these daily.  I add to them each day as we learn something new up until test time.  Waiting until the night before a test is too late!

Sign up for REMIND!  I can send out text message reminders of upcoming tests, assignments, and projects.  Kids and parents can both sign up.  Don't be left out.  Text 81010  then in the message box type @woodsadv7





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