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Hello, My name is Mr. Eberhardt. Welcome to my 5th grade Science homeroom. This is my fourth year teaching. I look forward to exploring the world of science with the students. As we go through the school year I will use this site to keep you updated with what we are learning, class assignments, homework, and projects. Below you will find our 5th grade schedule and a syllabus (outline of class structure). Whats Going on?

Physical & Chemical Changes (click here)

Magnetism & Electricity (click here)

 Earth Science (click here)

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TEACHER 8:00-8:55 9:00-10:15 10:15-11:30 11:30-12:15 12:30-1:00 1:15-2:30
EBERHARDT Specials Math Reading/ELA Social Studies Lunch Science
BODDIE-BAKER Specials Science Math Reading/ELA Lunch Social Studies
WALLS Specials Social Studies Science Math Lunch Reading/ELA
WHITTLESEY Specials Reading/ELA Social Studies Science Lunch











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