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Welcome to 7th Grade

English Language Arts!

Mrs. Jones

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GMAS Practice 1- Level Up Tutorials

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Dear Parents and Students,

              Welcome to seventh grade English Language Arts! I am so excited for the journey that we will be taking together. As learners, we must understand that every step taken to succeed cannot happen overnight. However, when one has the dedication, self-awareness, teamwork skills, and understanding that education is important, progress will begin to show. The goal for this classroom is to have all students reach their highest potential, while knowing their teacher is their biggest supporter.

              My teaching philosophy has always been set on the foundation of encouraging and loving the students first. Learning will happen every day in the classroom. It is my belief that when a student knows someone cares about them and their learning, they will rise to meet the expectations given to them. Another part of my philosophy is making sure that the learning is not only engaging, but also has meaningful connections and understanding of how to utilize these skills in the real world.

              In our classroom, we experience learning through discussions, group work, and independent studies. Although we are a team, students will understand that they must become leaders for their classmates. In addition, they will understand that being a leader also means to be accountable for their learning and actions in the classroom. I will communicate with you as much as possible to stay connected and become partners with you in your child’s education. Rest assured, I will continuously work to ensure that your child is mastering and accomplishing what they need to know as seventh grade English Language Arts’ students.  

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. This will be a great year!

Thank you!

Mrs. Jones

(706) 569-3801



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