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Hello Students and Parents!

Welcome to Aaron Cohn Middle School!  

We are so glad that your child is here. I will be teaching 6th grade Math and Honors 6/7 Math this year.

Please feel free to contact me ANY time you have a question or concern about your child or our classroom.


The two main goals we have for math this year are based on my philosophy of teaching and involve collaboration and mindset. I believe that collaboration is a vital skill to excelling in life. Students who learn how to work with and respect their peers effectively will ultimately become better students, employees, bosses, etc. I believe that a student's mindset makes all the difference in his or her success. We will stress changing each student's mindset concerning math and school in general. Many students enter middle school with a fixed, stagnant mindset that they either love or hate a certain subject (or that they are either good or bad at it). For those who feel that the opportunity to be successful in school has passed them by, we are going to work really hard to change that into a growth mindset that leads to a desire to learn and improve their knowledge and skills. Those who already love it will also play a vital role in this transformation. I am a true believer that anyone can learn when provided with a safe, encouraging environment. I hope to teach students that it is OK to fail when initially presented with a concept. Making mistakes is how we all learn!


Unit One - Number System Fluency

Unit Two - Rate, Ratio, and Proportional Reasoning

Unit Three - Expressions


Online Textbook access through Clever (instructions)

REMEMBER: You can access the textbook, go through modules, practice problems, watch tutorial videos, etc. at ANY TIME!!! These are great resources to have, so please use them wisely!



































































































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