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Welcome students and parents! I am looking forward to this upcoming year! This is my 9th year teaching middle school Math. I received my bachelor's degree from Auburn University and then a master's in Middle Grades Math and Reading Education from Columbus State University.

I believe that EVERY child can learn and be successful. We as a team (teacher, parent and student) can work together to make that possible. I will provide a safe and encouraging environment for your child to learn. I will encourage them to always TRY because sometimes the most effective learning takes place when mistakes are made. I will strive to grow each and every one of my students both academically and personally. 

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Digital Learning Plan:

May 11th-15th

While grades have been finalized, I know a lot of students enjoyed getting a glimpse at Algebra 1 and I would like to encourage you to keep working this week! You should have the background knowledge at this point to complete the following Algebra 1 sections in IXL:

Linear Inequalities


Does (x, y) satisfy the inequality?


Linear inequalities: solve for y


Graph a two-variable linear inequality


Linear inequalities: word problems


Is (x, y) a solution to the system of inequalities?


Solve systems of linear inequalities by graphing




Polynomial vocabulary


Model polynomials with algebra tiles


Add and subtract polynomials using algebra tiles


Add and subtract polynomials


Add polynomials to find perimeter


Multiply a polynomial by a monomial



What we are currently working on:

IXL Review of All Units


IXL Login:

username: GTID#@muscogeecounty

password: initpass




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