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Week of March 9th:

Monday - Area and perimeter on the coordinate plane, review distance between two points

Polygons in the Coordinate Plane

Tuesday - Area and perimeter on the coordinate plane

Coordinate Grid: find area and perimeter

Wednesday - Ordering rational numbers

Rational Numbers

Ordering rational numbers | Negative numbers | 6th grade | Khan Academy

Thursday - Ordering rational numbers

Compare and Order Rational Numbers

Friday - Unit 7 quiz


Week of March 2nd:

Monday - Begin unit 7/ordering rational numbers

Ordering rational numbers | Negative numbers | 6th grade | Khan Academy

Compare and Order Rational Numbers

Tuesday - Number line and coordinate plane

Plotting Points on the Coordinate Plane

Wednesday - Coordinate plane pictures

Thursday - Distance between two points and reflections

How do we Find the Distance between Two Points on a Number Line?

Friday - QBA 3. Continue distance between two points and reflections if time permits


Week of February 24th: 

Monday - Dot plots and histograms practice

Tuesday - Dot plots and histograms, as well as box-and-whisker practice

Wednesday - Class data activity - gathering and analyzing

Thursday - Final review of unit 6

Friday - Unit 6 test


Week of February 18th: 

Tuesday – range and interquartile range, box-and-whisker plots

Range and interquartile range

Wednesday – range and interquartile range practice, box-and-whisker plots practice. Dot plots and histograms if time permits


Thursday – dot plots and histograms. Practice statistics quiz

Data & Graphing - Dot Plots - Line Plots - Elementary Math

Friday – Statistics quiz. Continue dot plots and histograms

Frequency Tables and Histograms


Week of February 10th: 

Monday – begin unit 6/statistical questions

Statistical questions | Data and statistics | 6th grade | Khan Academy

Statistical Questions- Math

Tuesday – measures of center: mean, median and mode

Math Antics - Mean, Median and Mode

Wednesday – measures of center: mean, median and mode practice

The Mean, Median and Mode Toads

Thursday – range and interquartile range, box-and-whisker plots

Range and interquartile range

Friday – range and interquartile range, box-and-whisker plots



Week of February 3rd: 

Monday - Solving for missing dimensions

Tuesday - Volume review

Wednesday - Unit 5 review

Thursday - Unit 5 test

Friday - Wrap up unit 5/STAR test


Week of January 27th: 

Monday - Surface area notes/practice

Finding the surface area of a rectangular prism

Tuesday - Surface area practice

Finding surface area using net

Wednesday - Surface area quiz

Thursday - Volume and solid figures

How to calculate the volume of a rectangular prism.wmv

Friday - Volume and solid figures practice

Math Antics - Volume


Week of January 21st: 

Tuesday - Composite figures

The Area of Compound Shapes

Wednesday - Nets and solid figures

Learn Solid Figures and Nets (cone, cylinder, prism, pyramid, cube, cuboid)

Thursday - Nets and solid figures

Friday - Surface area of solid figures

Surface Area of Three Dimensional Figures, Composite Solids, and Missing Dimensions


Week of January 13th:

Monday - Area of triangles and trapezoids

Area of a triangle

Areas of Trapezoids

Tuesday - Area practice

Wednesday - Area quiz

Thursday - Area of composite figures

Finding area by breaking up the shape | Geometry | 6th grade | Khan Academy

Friday - Area of composite figures

Area of composite or compound shapes - fast math lesson


Week of January 8th: 

Wednesday - Area of rectangles, squares, and parallelograms

Area of Square, Rectangle, and Parallelogram - VERY EASY calculation

Thursday - Area of rectangles, squares, and parallelograms

Math Antics - Area

Friday - Area of trapezoids

Areas of Trapezoids


Week of December 16th: 

Monday - Review of unit 4

Tuesday - Unit 4 test

Wednesday - School music performance during 1st period

Thursday - QBA #2

Friday - Recap unit 4/holiday activity,  IXL


Week of December 9th: 

Monday – Inequalities cut and paste

Tuesday – Inequalities quiz, IXL when finished

Wednesday – More one-step inequalities practice. Independent and dependent variables

6th Grade Math Dependent and Independent Variables

Thursday – Independent and dependent variables

Independent and Dependent Variables

Friday – Review of unit 4 – inequalities, equations, independent and dependent variables


Week of December 2nd: 

Monday - Introduction to one-step inequalities

Introduction to Inequalities

Tuesday - Inequality chart, graphing inequalities

Learn how to solve and graph a one step inequality

Wednesday - Solving inequalities

Solving a one step inequality

Thursday - Inequality practice activity

Friday - Inequality practice activity


Week of November 18th: 

Monday - Review of one-step equations

Tuesday - One-step equations with fractions and decimals

Wednesday - One-step equations with fractions and decimals

Thursday - One-step equations quiz (fractions and decimals included)

Friday - Review activity --- then Thanksgiving break!


Week of November 12th: 

Tuesday - Continue adding and subtracting equations

Algebra Basics: Solving Basic Equations Part 1 - Math Antics

Wednesday - Multiplying and dividing equations

Algebra Basics: Solving Basic Equations Part 2 - Math Antics

Thursday - Continue multiplying and dividing equations. Activity to practice equations with all four operations

Friday - One-step equations quiz. IXL


Week of November 4th:

Monday - Review of unit 3

Tuesday - Unit 3 test

Wednesday - Unit 3 test corrections (if needed)

Thursday - 6th grade field trip 

Friday - Begin unit 4/introduction to one-step equations


Week of October 28th: 

Monday - Expressions practice. Practice quiz

Algebraic Expressions (Basics)

Tuesday - Evaluating expressions

How To Evaluate Expressions With Variables Using Order of Operations

Wednesday - Halloween activity - expressions

Thursday - Finish Halloween activity - expressions

Friday - Assessment readiness/review of unit 3


Week of October 21st: 

Monday - Properties notes and practice (commutative, associative, distributive)

Commutative, Associative, Distributive - Properties of Multiplication Song

Tuesday - More properties practice

The Distributive Property In Arithmetic

Wednesday - Write an expression from words. Combine like terms

Writing Expressions

Thursday - Write an expression from words. Combine like terms practice

Combining Like Terms

Friday - More expressions and combining like terms practice

Combining like terms introduction | Introduction to algebra | Algebra I | Khan Academy


Week of October 14th:

Monday - Teacher planning day -- no school for students

Tuesday - Review ratios/unit 2

Wednesday - Begin unit 3/expressions

Algebraic Expressions (Basics)

Thursday - Dr. Math order of operations

Math Antics - Order Of Operations

Friday - Dr. Math order of operations

Order of Operations Song | PEMDAS Rap for 5th Grade and Up


Week of October 7th: 

Monday - Review for unit 2 test

Tuesday - Review for unit 2 test

Wednesday - Unit 2 test

Thursday - Unit 2 test corrections and/or review of unit 2

Friday - QBA 1. IXL when QBA is complete


Week of September 30th:

Monday - Review proportions. Converting measurements between systems.

Math Antics - Proportions

Tuesday - Introduce fractions, decimals and percents.

Math Antics - What Are Percentages?

Wednesday - Practice fractions, decimals, percents.

Math Antics - Percents And Equivalent Fractions

Thursday - Finding percent of a number.

Math Antics - Finding A Percent Of A Number

Friday - Continue to practice percents.

Math Antics - Percents Missing Total


Week of September 23rd:

Monday - Ratio tables

Ratios and Ratio Tables

Tuesday - Practice with ratios, rates and proportions

Math Antics - Ratios And Rates

Wednesday - Practice with ratios, rates, and proportions

Math Antics - Proportions

Thursday - Ratio quiz. Using proportions to convert units of measure.

Solving conversions using proportions

Converting Measurements using Proportions

Friday - Using proportions to convert units of measure from system to system.

Using Proportions to Convert Between Measurement Systems


Week of September 16th: 

Monday - Introduce rates and ratios

Tuesday - Rates notes and practice

Math Antics - Ratios And Rates

Wednesday - Ratios, rates, and unit rates practice (IXL and other resources)

Solve Unit Rate Problems

Thursday - Carnival activity (unit rates)

Math Shorts Episode 17 - Solving Unit Rate Problems

Friday - Finish carnival activity (unit rates)


Week of September 9th: 

Monday - Review for unit one test (using IXL and review videos below)

Tuesday - Review for unit one test (using IXL and review videos below)

Wednesday - Unit one test

Thursday - Test corrections - unit one test

Friday - Begin unit two/rates, ratios, and proportions


Week of September 3rd: 

Tuesday - Adding and subtracting fractions

Math Antics - Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Wednesday - Multiplying fractions

Math Antics - Multiplying Fractions

Thursday - Dividing fractions

Math Antics - Dividing Fractions

Friday - Practice with all fractions


Week of August 26th: 

Monday - Review of adding and subtracting decimals. Begin multiplying decimals.

Math Antics - Decimal Arithmetic

Tuesday - Review multiplying decimals.

Multiplying Decimals Song for 5th Grade | How to Multiply by a Decimal Rap

Multiplying Decimals Made Easy!

Wednesday - Dividing decimals.

Dividing Decimals

Thursday - Review dividing decimals. Hallway activity to practice all operations with decimals.

Friday - Review of all decimal operations. Decimals quiz


Week of August 19th:

Monday - Distributive property and factoring out with GCF notes

Factoring Out with the Distributive Property

Tuesday - Distributive property and factoring out with GCF practice

GCF and the Distributive Property

Wednesday - Division fluency/long division notes

Math Antics - Long Division

Thursday - Division fluency/long division practice

Math Antics - Long Division with 2-Digit Divisors

Friday - Adding and subtracting with decimals

Adding and Subtracting Decimals Song - Fall Out Boy Parody

Math Antics Decimal Addition and Subtraction


Week of August 12th: 

Monday - Prime and composite numbers/1-100 number chart Prime & Composite Numbers

Tuesday  - Greatest common factor and least common multiple

LCM for beginners

Greatest Common Factor

Wednesday - Practice GCF and LCM (see links above)

Thursday - Factors and multiples quiz (has been moved to FRIDAY)

Friday - Introduce distributive property and practice

Factoring Out with the Distributive Property


Week of August 8th: 

Thursday - Introductions and review syllabus

Friday - Placement test.


August 8th, 2019

Hello, and welcome to my classroom page. My name is Caitlin Whiten, and this is my third year teaching at Aaron Cohn. I feel extremely blessed to work at a school with such wonderful students, parents, faculty, and staff, and I look forward to strengthening these relationships as my time here continues.

I am passionate about teaching; I love working with students and watching them grow daily. I truly believe that every child wants to learn. It is up to teachers, parents and the surrounding community to help children learn and grow, both as individuals and as whole groups. Human beings are products of their environment and therefore, respond to the influences around them daily. These influences can be both positive and negative, but either of the two can alter the course of a child's life. I believe in "tough love." Children must be challenged daily to learn and grow to become better students, but must also be held accountable for their actions in order to become better citizens. My goal is for my classroom to be a safe place in which students can be comfortable celebrating their successes but also an environment in which we can work together to persevere through the bumps in the road that will occur.

I firmly believe that one of the most important aspects of a parent/guardian-teacher relationship is communication. If there are ever any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We will have many wonderful experiences and opportunities to learn and grow in the days ahead. My ultimate goal is to help your child grow to reach his or her fullest potential both in and out of the classroom. Again, please feel free to contact me if I can be of service to you and your child. If you need any information about the school, the school website is also a valuable resource.

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