Course Syllabus

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

          We consider it a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with your child and are looking forward to a very rewarding physical education experience for all.

          In order to experience success, the student must dress appropriately daily. The proper attire for PE is as follows: comfortable loose fitting shorts, a comfortable loose fitting T-shirt, socks, and athletic shoes. Please note that students who are ill or injured are required to have a parent or doctor’s note to be excused from participation. Students who are unable to participate for extended periods may be required to complete a written assignment on sport or fitness related activities.

          Students have the option of renting a PE locker for a $5.00 fee. Sharing of lockers is prohibited. Students who choose to pay the $5.00 fee will be able to leave their gym clothes in their gym locker throughout the school year; this option is on a first come first serve basis. If the student does not choose to rent a locker, their clothes/valuables will be unsecure and may be stolen or lost. Please note that the PE staff will make every effort to assist in this situation but will not be liable.

          Thanks for your support as we join in an effort to make this school experience the best that it can be.

If you are able, donations are greatly appreciated:

  • Disinfecting Wipes (8th Grade)
  • Kleenex (7th Grade)
  • Band Aids (6th Grade)


Physical Education Syllabus

Physical Education is a participation class.  This means that without an excuse from a doctor or a note from a parent, a student is expected to dress out and participate every day.  Parent notes are only good for three (3) days.  If a student is unable to participate for longer than 3 days, a doctor’s excuse must be presented to the teacher.  The doctor’s excuse should state the nature of the illness or injury and what activities the student can or can’t do.


  • Students must respect others and their property.
  • NO CELL PHONE USE IN THE GYM DURING THE SCHOOL DAY. Cell phones must remain locked up in the locker room during class. 
  • Follow directions the first time they are given.
  • Dressing out is defined as wearing different clothes than the ones worn to school. Clothing suitable for dressing out is athletic shoes, t-shirt, shorts (acceptable in length), or sweats.  Shorts must be worn over yoga pants and spandex.
  • Consequences for not dressing out:
  • 1st offense- Verbal Warning
  • 2nd offense- Physical Education Modification and points lost
  • 3rd offense- Notification to Parents (e-mail or phone)
  • 4th offense- Conference with Dr. Lawrence and teacher
  • 5th offense- Office referral ISSP
  • Locker room doors will be locked (3) minutes after the last student enters the locker room.
  • Lock up all valuables (clothes, purses, and jewelry). This is the student’s responsibility!
  • No gum, candy, or food in the locker room, gym, or athletic field.
  • No running or horseplay in the locker room or gym.

*Do not touch any equipment unless given permission.


Grading Policies

assigned activities.  Students may be given written and skills test.  Please remember that grades are not given they are earned.

Course Summary:

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