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Distance Learning 

  Ecology Week 8 Distance Learning.  

See below: 

Monday: Do a little research on aquatic ecosystems.  Find an article that you like and share it with me.  Tell me something that made an impression on you.  

Tuesday:  Take a look at the PowerPoint on Aquatic Ecosystems.  Slides 1 - 12.   Of those slides, the most important concept is Wetlands.  Today's research should be on Wetlands.  Find a good article on preservation of wetlands.  This could also be a YouTube video.  Look for why wetlands are so important!  Email me something that really impressed you in your reading.  

Wednesday:  Take a look back at the Aquatic Ecosystems Powerpoint and view slides 13 - 18.  Today's research should be about Estuaries.  Estuaries are the coolest places to explore!  I actually took a "Beach" class in college during the summer - seriously!  It was a biology class and we went to 3 different beach areas where we explored estuaries and the dunes and beaches.  How cool is that?!  Read of watch a video on estuaries.  Email me and let me know some things that really interested you!

Thursday:  Take a look at Coral Reefs today.  I would highly suggest a good video.  There are several things available on Amazon Prime and Netflix as well as YouTube.  Pick something and share back with me 3 of the most interesting facts you learned.  

Friday:  We are finishing up aquatic ecosystems with a look at south Florida's mangroves.  I know the lease about this area.  I have never been to a mangrove.  Look over the last few slides in the Aquatic Ecosystems Powerpoint and then use one of the videos highlighted at the end or find something of interest online.  Once again, email me what you find that stands out as important information - focus on the importance and preservation of this ecosystem.  



Here are instructions for parents to access their student's Canvas pages: 

Canvas Accounts for Parents - Handouts

Link is within MCSDs DIS Knowledge Base – note:  you may have to scroll down and then open the 2 handouts

Canvas Parent App Video (developed by Instructure and in Canvas Guides)

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What students need to do:  

1. Students will need to log into Canvas daily.  Daily assignments can be found under ASSIGNMENTS/Ecology distance learning week 3 (or 4,5,6). Grades can also be accessed in Canvas.  

2. Students are expected to spend at least 50 minutes each day on their science assignment. The assignments have been adapted from those  we would do if we were in the building.    

3. I will be available, via email during school hours.  Please feel free to email questions.  I will do my best to help.  If we need to talk, I can give you a call.  

4. Any work to be submitted should be submitted through Canvas.  

What Mrs. Carr has been doing:  

1. Maintaining contact with students and parents.  (Monitoring time needed for assignments.  Informal check-ins. Answering questions.  Notifying students and parents of missing work.)  

2. Planning 3 week's of lessons for distance learning to continue through April.  

3. Creating a check off guide for parents to use over the next 3 weeks of learning.  

4. Creating new lessons and adjusting lessons so they can be completed at home.  

5. Conferencing online with science teachers across the county as we learn about new ways to meet students needs.  

6. Exploring new formats for delivery such as IXL, Kami, and Discovery Learning.  

7. Grading assignments.  

8. Drinking coffee. :-)  

9. And in her down time: reading, watching movies, putting together puzzles, cooking, talking to a friend each day, avoiding the pollen, feeding the fish (yes, I brought them home), meeting the needs of a very demading cat, and praying for all of us.   


What I need from Parents:  

1. Make sure you student is doing their work by asking them to show you what they did for the day.  A check off list will be available soon.  

2. Check grades that are currently in CANVAS. Students can access this to show it to parents.  

3. Contact me if you have any concerns.  

 Stay healthy.  Stay in touch! 

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Students: To reach PowerPoints, Assignments, and Study Guides after signing on through CAMPUS on the school's website, click this link:  PowerPoints 

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Cells and Organelles

Cell Processes


Domains and Kingdoms

Skeletal System

Muscular System

Cardiovascular System 

Respiratory System

Nervous and Endocrine Systems

Lymphatic and Immune Systems

Excretory and Integumentary Systems


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