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Hello parents and students!! 


This year we will be learning all about living things and how they interact in the world around us. We will explore the topics of cells, the human body, evolution, natural selection, genetics, ecology, classification, and biomes. These concepts will be introduced through inquiry labs, models, hands-on activities, and technology.  Students will expand scientific vocabulary, improve reading skills, and enhance writing proficiency. Seventh grade students will work towards mastery of the Georgia Performance Standards: (


During the closure of the Muscogee County School District, students can find all distance learning plans below. These plans will be posted each day so that students can continue learning at home.  


Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!


Miranda Wood


Amanda Whittaker



Here's the Plan:

Week 8- Click here!


Week 7-

Monday, May 4th: Day Thirty-One: Achieve

Tuesday, May 5th: Day Thirty-Two: Human Impact Webquest Part D

Wednesday, May 6th: Day Thirty-Three: Human Impacts Webquest Part E

Thursday, May 7th: Day Thirty-Four: IXL

Friday, May 8th: Day Thirty-Five: IXL


Week 6-

Monday, April 27th: Day Twenty-Six: Achieve

Tuesday, April 28th: Day Twenty-Seven: Human Impact Webquest Part A

Wednesday, April 29th: Day Twenty-Eight: Human Impact Webquest Part B

Thursday, April 30th: Day Twenty-Nine: Human Impacts Webquest Part C

Friday, May 1st: Day Thirty: Legends of Learning


Week 5-

Monday, April 20th: Day Twenty One: More IXL Genetics Review

Tuesday, April 21st: Day Twenty-Two: IXL

Wednesday, April 22nd: Day Twenty-Three: Breakout EDU 2pm ONLY

Thursday, April 23rd: Day Twenty-Four: Achieve

Friday, April 24th: Day Twenty-Five: Bill Nye


Week 4-Watch this first! (Please at least listen to 6:30. After that, I am going over what to do for the assignments so if you need help figuring out how to do something, I've walked you through that in the rest of the video)

Monday, April 13th: Day Sixteen: Biomes Crossword

Tuesday, April 14th: Day Seventeen: IXL

Wednesday, April 15th: Day Eighteen: Quizizz

Thursday, April 16th: Day Nineteen: Legends of Learning

Friday, April 17th: Day Twenty: IXL Review


Week 3-

Monday, April 6th: Day Eleven: Achieve

Tuesday, April 7th: Day Twelve: Biomes Quizizz

Wednesday, April 8th: Day Thirteen: Life Science IXL

Thursday, April 9th: Day Fourteen: IXL Continued

Friday, April 10th: Day Fifteen: Achieve


Week 2-

Monday, March 23rd: Complete "Day Six: Biomes of the World"

Tuesday, March 24th: Complete "Day Seven: Creating a Biome Presentation"

Wednesday, March 25th: Complete "Day Eight: Continuing Biome Presentation"

Thursday, March 26th: Complete "Day Nine: Biome Presentation Continued"

Friday, March 27th: Complete "Day Ten: Finish Presentation"


Week 1-

Monday, March 16th: Complete Day One: Ecological Relationships

Tuesday, March 17th: Complete Day Two: Legends of Learning

Wednesday, March 18th: Complete Day Three: Ecology Test

Thursday, March 19th: Complete Day Four: Intro to Biomes!

Friday, March 20th: Complete Day Five: Build a Biome






Course Summary:

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