Course Syllabus

September 16-September 20

Monday—Number Game (cross-curriculum with Math:  Fitness and cooperation with teammates)

Tuesday—Deal or No Deal (Fitness Day)


Thursday—Walk/Jog/Run (Fitness Day)

Friday—King Pin (throwing at a target)

September 9-September 13

Monday—Crab Soccer

Tuesday—Medicine Ball Relay/Fitness day

Wednesday—Adios Amigos—Throwing and Dodging game

Thursday—Planet Fitness Station Work

Friday—SnowBall Alley—Throwing and Dodging game

September 3- September 6

Here’s what’s happening this week in PE: 

Tuesday—wrapping up with the pre-assessment for Fitnessgram

Wednesday—Fitness day—Dice Relay

Thursday—Fitness day—Pacer Run Relay

Friday—Fun Day (JailBreak-Dodgeball game)

Here is our agenda for this week in Physical Education: August 26-August 30

Monday—Color Tag

Tuesday—Hunger Games (Students will be receiving Chromebooks and completing Chromebook training during the morning classes)

Wednesday and Thursday—Fitnessgram (Curl-ups, Height/weight, Sit and Reach)

Friday—Catch the Bomb (throwing and catching game)

This week in PE:  August 19- August 23

Students will begin the pre-test assessment for fitnessgram. Classes will participate in fitness gram testing on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  We will play fitness games on Tuesday and Friday.

Tuesday--Continuous Kickball

Friday--Cage Ball

This week in PE: August 12-August 16

  1. Selling lockers each day for $5.00.
  2. Beginning Wednesday, students will dress out for PE, so please make sure your child has the appropriate attire for class each day.
  3. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week all PE classes will remain inside and participate in PE Fitness games.



Greetings students and parents!

Welcome back!  I am super excited about the opportunity to teach your child P.E. for the 2019-2020 school year!  

A little about me...I am starting my 22nd year as an educator in the MCSD and this is my second year at Aaron Cohn MS.

In Physical Education class, your child will learn the health benefits of being physically active, regularly participate in fitness activities, participate in a variety of sports, and most importantly...HAVE FUN!

Please check back soon for more information about what your child will be doing in PE throughout the year.  

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns.

I am looking forward to meeting you!


Kelly Richburg

P.E. teacher


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