Course Syllabus

Welcome to Aaron Cohn Middle School and 7th grade Social Studies! The concepts covered this year will help you have a solid foundation to achieve success throughout middle school and high school World Cultures.  Throughout the year, a variety of activities and student investigations will be used to help you have a better understanding of the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE). Seventh grade world cultures class is an extension of sixth grade. Students will focus on 3 regions of the world to include Southwest Asia (Middle East), Southern & Eastern Asia, and Africa. Students will have common themes focusing on geography & physical features, culture & prominent religions, history, government, and economic understandings.


During the closure of the Muscogee County School District, students can find all distance learning plans below. These plans will be available at the beginning of each week so that students can continue learning at home. 

  • Please go to the files tab to see the learning plan and attachments needed for completion.

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