Course Syllabus


Hello parents & students,

My roll in your child's classroom is that of a math learning specialist.  I am in their classroom daily, and I work very closely to support the instruction of the their math teacher.  Below, I have listed links to my co-math teacher's pages & a list of resources for math support.




Each of my co-teacher's have their own class website.  For further details regarding assignment and/or homework please check below for the link to the teacher's class website. 

 7th- Dr. Anders Webpage

 8th- Mrs. Cooper Webpage


Homework/Study Help to an external site.)

Great for skill remediation & enrichment!  Students have there own log in & we recommend that they log in through the Muscogee County Website, via Clever portal.  If they go directly through, please use the following information to log in:

username: GTID#@muscogeecounty

password: initpass (Links to an external site.)

Online Textbook.  Students will have access to videos, their text book, activities, and practice problems.  Again, it is easier to access through the Muscogee County Website, via Clever portal, but if you go directly to this website, please use the following to log in.

Username: GTID

Password: Birthdate



Course Summary:

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